Thursday, July 19, 2018

No Nonsense Review: Blazing Dragons PS1

I have always had this thing for "Point and Click" games, and recently I downloaded a bunch of them and place them in my modded PSP.  Blazing Dragons is something unique, it's both fast-paced and fun, at least partially created by Terry Jones. No complicated puzzles here, no overly complicated clues. The items you need are easy to get, even the trickiest one takes less than 1 minute to acquire. The game is fairly straightforward, I think it's even better than the Discworld games which I have been playing for years.



Wednesday, July 18, 2018

No Nonsense Review: Scooby Doo Who's Watching Who? PSP

As hard as it some may find this hard to believe up to this point I have never played a Scooby Doo game before and frankly really didn't know what to expect. But after playing it for a while I think I know. If you are looking for a game that hunts down clues, gathering evidence frankly Scooby Doo Who's Watching Who? isn't it. At its heart, it's a fair action adventure game where you gather up clues in the shape of Magnifying Glasses as you work your way through the levels. There are interviews with suspects of course. They seem to open up the different levels as far as I could tell. The level design is good, you have to think through the levels. The standard enemies you face aren't all that bad. Health restores items namely Scooby Snacks are everywhere and so are save points. I almost forgot when you finish a mini-game you have to have to go see Velma, in order to analyze your clues via 2 different mini-games. But let us not forget you need a certain number of clues to pass each level so unless your an expert in this game, you will be playing them more than once.

So is this game any good? I rate it good, but nothing exceptional. Good for the casual gamer and Scooby Doo fan. But not hardcore gamers, you will find this too easy. The game was rated E for Everyone after all.


6.5 / 10


I just found out there is a DS version

After looking at this gameplay footage I think I rather play my PSP version.

Monday, July 16, 2018

TV on UMD: Viewtiful Joe

                                                                   Original Run

                                                  October 2, 2004 to September 24, 2005
                                                  Total Number of episodes 51


Following the games' storyline, movie lover Joe and his girlfriend Silvia enjoy a seemingly normal trip to the movies to see an action flick starring Joe's idol, Captain Blue, when suddenly the leader of the evil Jadow force reaches out of the screen and takes Silvia into the movie. Joe is forced to follow her by Captain Blue's mecha, Six Majin (renamed "Machine Six" in the English anime, and "Six Machine" in the Spanish dub), and meets Captain Blue in the flesh who grants Joe the power to become an action movie hero in his own right called Viewtiful Joe.


Viewtiful Joe was produced by animation company Group TAC. The producer for the video game franchise, Atsushi Inaba, and his team gave Group TAC its character designs for the video games, as well as original character designs for the animated series.

The English version of the anime features voice acting by Jeff Nimoy, Philece Sampler, Mona Marshall, and Wendee Lee, among others. Bob Papenbrook, under the name John Smallberries, voiced Captain Blue for the show's first twenty-one English dubbed episodes. Papenbrook died on March 17, 2006, due to complications from a chronic lung condition, making Viewtiful Joe his final piece of work. He was replaced by Paul St. Peter for the remainder of the dub.

The U.S. broadcast began with the fifth episode, with the first three episodes not being shown until a month later. The show's pilot was localized in the United States by Phuuz entertainment. A few censoring edits were made to the English dubbed version of Viewtiful Joe. In Brazil and Spain, the show was aired completely uncut. In the English version, the name of Joe's flying machine, Six Machine, was renamed in the English dub to Machine Six. There is speculation that it was renamed because its original name sounded close to the phrase "sex machine". Also, Six Majin was renamed to Robo-Six. Joe's middle finger was edited out in his henshin transformation sequence. Silvia's super hero alter ego is renamed from "Sexy Silvia" (which was also used in the games) to "Go-Go Silvia". Sprocket's jumpsuit is always zipped up completely, though it was originally unzipped (showing large amounts of cleavage) and one of her signature moves was to zip it up. This move was eliminated in the dub by cutting out the scenes, resulting in Sprocket having much less screen time than in the original.

Although it was released on DVD, I could only confirm 8 three episode volumes were ever released. Meanwhile, only 1 three episode UMD was ever released. In North America, Geneon partnered with Kids Foot Locker to promote the show by including DVDs with purchases at the shoe retailer.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

No Nonsense Review: Lemmings PSP

It's Lemmings on the PSP, it's Lemmings for gosh sake!!!

I don't know how to say this any other way, if your a fan of Lemmings great, if not avoid. If you never played the game me. Have no idea what you have to do, all I can say look up a set of instructions if you want to play. As for the rest of this avoid.


2/ 10

Saturday, June 30, 2018

PSP Themes Now Available

This file contains 5 themes  LINK

Ape Quest
Kingdom Hearts
PlayStation 15th Anniversary
PlayStation 20th Anniversary
Secret Agent Clank

Install Instructions

Unzip folder
Transfer all PTF files within the folder to your PSP Theme folder. Which can be usually found in the PSP folder on the PSP.

Once transferred, simply go to Theme Settings and select which one you wish to install.

Dare to Compare Megamind The Blue Defender on both the DS and PSP

You may not believe this but this whole thing started recently when I bought Wreck-It Ralph 3DS forgetting I already owned it on the DS. That was when I discovered the only difference between the 2 was graphics. The one on the 3DS had effects and they were sharper other than the other one, besides that zero difference.

The same can be said about Megamind The Blue Defender DS vs. Megamind The Blue Defender PSP. As far as gameplay goes they are absolutely identical.

                                                                   See for yourself

Megamind The Blue Defender DS

I know the video looks a little jerky but the game actually plays like that. 

Now compare it to the PSP version

See what I am talking about, graphics are both smoother as well as sharper. But as far as gameplay difference.

Overall both versions are good. But I think hardcore gamers might want to give this a pass as it might be a bit too easy for them. But for the casual gamer, it's a good game. Gameplay is interesting but not overly difficult. I give it a 6/10 

Sunday, June 24, 2018

No Nonsense Review: Naruto Ultimate Ninja Heroes PSP

Let me tell you that this game is no button masher, I swear you will die, die, die a horrible death even on easy mode. Literally one of the 10 best fighters that I have ever played.

My Score