Tuesday, May 21, 2019

PS1 Game Save Saga Part 2 The Search Continues

As you might have guessed from the title I had no luck. I tried 10 different routes to find a way to transfer PS1 Game Saves to a PS3 without a Memory Card adapter with zero luck. Literally nothing I tried worked. Getting those PS1 Game Saves turned out to be easier than I expected but literally nothing I tried worked in getting the PS3 to accept those files. Not even the videos that claim you can transfer PS1 game saves to a PSP even worked.

There was one way I didn't try, mainly because that seemed overly complicated. It called for modding a PS3 and doing an FTP file transfer from your PC over your Network. I am no computer expert I just wanted a simple way of doing this that's all.

I am going to continue to look and ask whomever I can. If I find something I will post the answer here, but right now this is it.

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

No Nonsense Review: Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed PS1

This is the first time I ever played a Need for Speed game on the PS1. From what I have seen an above average racer, who I will admit I did have trouble with the controls...at first. But once I had gotten used to them I found an excellent racing game.

Overall score 9/ 10

No Nonsense Review: Cool Boarders 3 PS1

Sorry to say just an average snowboarding game, nothing special

Overall score 5/ 10

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

PS1 Game Save Saga Part 1

I am stepping aside from my usual coverage for a multi-part article on something that I fully admit would be too dumb to post. IE "Transferring PS1 Game Save Files to a PS3", because originally I thought because of Memory Card adapter I thought all I had to do was get those save files on a USB Stick then plug that stick into a PS3.

Wrong on all counts. I finally decided to buy a Free McBoot for my PS2, this way I could directly access the save files on the Memory Card. Which it did but I had some problems which I like to share. Once I figured out I had to use a Copy and Paste command. It turns out this also makes the Memory Card temporary unuseable. Why because once I did this I was not able to access that card period at least on the PS2. I literally had to turn the console off, unplug it and wait about an hour before it was able to read that Memory Card again. I have no idea why I can only assume.

The save files (PS1) have no file format but Win 10 is able to see them.  Once I put that stick in my PS3 and went to the Memory Card Manager it said and I quote "No Save Files Detected".

Since then I have done some research and have hit a couple of brick walls. Except for something about using FTP to transfer those save to a modded PS3 I could find nothing on how to do this. Except for 2 things. #1 It seems GameFAQS and other sites have a PS3 preformatted PS1 Game Saves. I really did not know that the PS3 uses the PSV file format for it's saves. It is possible to move this saves using a standard USB Stick in the following way.


Really I am not joking and the PSV files must be in that folder within a folder.

I also discovered that PS2 Game Saves can be transferred in the same matter.


I would do this but my PS3 is a later model and does not support PS2 games

More Later...

Saturday, May 4, 2019

More PSP Accessories

                                                             Controller Grip

                                                                    Speaker / Grip

                                                           External Battery Pack

                                                            External Battery Charger

Lens Cleaner